Amy Winehouse Movie Coming?
A year after the death of Amy Winehouse, her father is working to use her legacy to help people. In a new interview, Mitch Winehouse talks about the foundation established in her name and hints at the possibility of a biopic.
Men In Black III Teaser Trailer Released [VIDEO]
It's been nearly a decade since the last Men in Black movie was released, and on May 25, 2012, the third film of the popular series will be released in theaters. However, a teaser trailer for the film has just been been released. Watch it after the jump to get an idea of what will tak…
3D Lego Movie To Come Out In 2014 [VIDEO]
We all remember sprawling out on the floor as children to get out our Legos and build whatever came to our imaginations- or whatever picture was on the box, like I did. The little plastic rectangles, shapes and people have been a favorite among kids for decades, as the possibilities are just endless…
Alice Cooper To Star In Tim Burton Film With Johnny Depp
My oldest musical idol Alice Cooper has been dominating the music world for decades, and has basically had a big hand in shaping rock and metal music into what it is today. Now, Cooper is going to be a movie star aside from actor Johnny Depp in an upcoming Tim Burton film. Who's excited? I…
Will There Be A Hangover 3?
The sequel to the ever-so-popular film The Hangover has barely been out for a week and already the idea of Hangover 3 is in the works. The first week of The Hangover: Part II grossed a whopping $200 million, and the success of the film so far has put the idea of a third film into Warner Bros. h…
BJ’s Movie Pick – Thor
I don't think anyone is surprised that this is my movie pick this week.  I have been looking forward to seeing "Thor" for a while, and it is finally here.
Will New Transformers Revive Series?
I think I am in the majority when I say that the first Transformers movie was okay and the second one was pretty awful, but now Steven Spielberg has stepped in to put that special touch to the third one.

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