Yes, I’m reviewing the Hunger Games: Catching Fire, a movie that has been out of over two weeks. Why? Well because I hate rubbing elbows with strangers and I don’t have $37 to burn on a new movie every week.

Cut To The Good Stuff:

The film is filled with impressive CGI and explosions. Normally when you get a film that is visually pleasing you have to sacrifice some of the dialog and acting. This movie does not apply to that rule. Everyone including Lenny Kravitz do a solid performance. Oh, did I not say Lenny Kravitz is in this? Well he was in the first one so get with the program! The story line as far as explaining the role of the Hunger Games is a little more faced passed since the first film cleared that all up already. However, this film still takes it’s time to tell a great story. If you find yourself thinking “man this is taking for ever when is something going to happen?” Blamo someone gets hunger game murdered!

There are some issues with this film like the hand full of times they force me to have some emotions that I’m not use to feeling. It may have been dust in the air of the theater I was in, but it felt like several times something got into both of my eyes and made them water.


This movie gets an “A”. It was visually pleasing, engaging and it had the one thing the 1st Hunger Games was missing, Baboons!

Quick Plot Over View:

This film starring Jennifer Lawrence is the sequel to the 2012 film The Hunger Games. A futuristic world where the lower working class is divided into 12 districts is ruled by the people of the capital with strict aggression and as a result they all live in poverty. Once a year 2 representatives from each district get selected to fight in “the hunger games” where the winner’s district gets rewarded with food and hello kitty stickers, I think.  Without giving to much away this film follows a similar story line to the original film but with a few twist. Katniss Everdeen played by Jennifer Lawrence has now become a public icon to the people of the rest of the districts and this positive response to the people does not sit well with the president.