Soccer Coach Tries to Kick Ball, Falls On His Ass [Video]
People act out in strange ways when they are angry, perhaps making them look back on their actions afterwards and wonder why the hell they did what they did. Luckily for them, though, those moments most likely won't go viral.
That's not the case for Besnik Hasi, the head soccer coach for Ro…
This Man Is (Not) a Nunchuk Master [Video]
Big Boy here is about to take his yellow belt test, so he's brushing up on his mad nunchuck skills.
So, what better way to practice than while doing so in mom's living room with the rest of the family is watching?
Incredible High-Dive Fail [Video]
There are certain things that just shouldn't be hard. Jumping off a diving board, for instance, is one of those things.
Gravity pretty much takes care of everything. You just need to climb up there and step off the edge.
Yet this woman somehow managed to screw it up. And she did so in incredible …
Worst High Dive Attempt Ever [VIDEO]
Whenever gravity is involved it’s important to remember that backing out is not exactly an option. This girl had second thought about jumping of the high dive and it did not end well for her.
Failed Alley-Oop At WNBA All-Star Game [Video]
This ... this is brutal.
With about seven minutes to play in the WNBA All-Star Game over the weekend, the East's Shoni Schimmel, of the Atlanta Dream, was on a break and tossed the ball off the backboard, in an attempt for her teammate, Angel McCoughtry, to convert on an alley oop.
But McCoughtry appe…

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