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Grease Metal! (Video)
Start your week off with one of the most unlikely covers, I've been saying for years that someone should make a metal version of this song and ones like it, finally someone went outside the box and found John Travolta and Olivia Newton John.
Amazing Cover Of ‘Everlong’ By The Foo Fighters [VIDEO]
You have to admit, sometimes people just have pure talent, and that's the case here.  This guy does an absolutely amazing cover of the Foo Fighters 'Everlong' on just the keyboard.  It's pretty cool because if you close your eyes you hear almost all of the instruments.&…
Songs BJ Would Love To See William Shatner Cover
The other day Mrozek posted a video of William Shatner singing Black Sabbath's "Iron Man" for his upcoming album called Seeking Major Tom.   I love Captain Kirk, and that got me thinking about sings that I would love to see him do a version of.  Sure most of