What Local Business Were You Banned From?
In 1996 when I was 16, I was banned from Lids in Crossgates Mall for conspiring with others to harass the Lids staff. It started as an inside joke that may have gone too far, but it sure was funny.
Rachel Dolezal Admits That She Is White (Videos some NSFW)
Rachel Dolezal, the woman from Washington that did not know, that she is white, finally acknowledged that she is, in fact white, and receives an ovation for her confession while on "The Real."
I am jealous, I have known that I am an American for years, and they have not invited me to be on:…
Holiday Hangover
It does not smell holly or jolly, but more like Grandma got ran over by a reindeer and then the reindeer pooped a little. Because its the morning after a day of mass consumption of beef, pork, poultry and sea food and possibly fruitcake. If you did not have any cheese then you are doing it wrong.  U…