I work out and I have all sorts of manly hobbies and generally not afraid of anything. Except I must confess I am afraid of one thing.

I’m not saying I’m scared Nessy is going to come into my bed room and steal my breath while I’m asleep. And I’m not even saying I won’t go on a boat. But I am truthfully afraid of sea monsters.

Yeah I have muscles and I’ve been trained as a collegiate wrestler for over a decade but these assets mean nothing to the Loch Ness Monster. This may sound silly but when I’m swimming in a lake, River, Ocean or any body of water that you can’t see the bottom I start to let my imagination run wild. Don’t get me wrong I can take my boat out with some friends and swim worry free. But it’s the days I take the boat out on my own for a solo mission I start to second guess my self. I’ll jump in the water and find my self immediately screaming and flailing around to get to the later so I can get on the boat from safety. That last thing I need is jaws tugging on my feet or worse… yucky toes form some unexpected seaweed.