Bear Hug Contest In Lake George NY [VINE]
Lake George is great place to get away for the weekend or just the afternoon. There are great places to eat, lots of family activities and at any moment you can find yourself in a hard core Bear Hug contest. I stopped in Lake George this past weekend to get my bear fix...
Whales: New Number One Threat To Humans! [VIDEO]
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Move over Bears, there’s a new threat to all human kind. People of earth beware of the ever increasing threat to us from whales, also known as the “bears of the sea”. You may think they look majestic and peaceful but do not be fooled..…
NFL Conference Championships Set
Some big messages were sent this weekend in the divisional round of the NFL playoffs.  Now the Steelers, Jets, Bears and Packers move one step closer to the Super Bowl.
NFL Playoffs Round 2 Predictions
This weekend is the divisional round of the NFL playoffs and man are there some great match ups, particularly in the AFC.  Don't knock the NFC just yet, I am willing to bet those games will be exciting in their own way.