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‘The Last Stand’ Review
In his recent autobiography, Arnold Schwarzenegger describes his part in 'The Last Stand' as "a great, great role." He plays Ray Owens, a former LAPD cop who retired to his hometown in Arizona after his partner got crippled in a botched drug raid. Now the local sheriff, he and a few bumbli…
Schwarzenegger and Stallone Share Hospital Room
Imagine you're walking through a hospital and you see Rambo and the Terminatorside by side in bed.  What comes to mind first?  "Schwarzenegger and Stallone must be filming a movie." Or, "This place is about to get torn up, ruuuuuunn!"  Turns out, the action stars were actually in…
Schwarzenegger Returning To Hollywood
Photo: David McNew He's gone from famous Hollywood actor to California politician, and now he's going back again. It was confirmed this morning that after seven years as California's governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger is returning to acting.