As a bodybuilder and public figure, Arnold Schwarzenegger has been in his fair share of pictures. Some good, some bad, but in this case,  just plain weird. 

We see the 'governator' with a goat, one that he really seems to like.  So the question is, why is Arnold kissing a goat?  Is he the newest member of PETA?  Has his love for screwing around with women on the side transformed into some sort of bestiality thing?   Let's hope not.

We'll cut him a bit of a break, because god knows we have kissed our fair share of things that we regret.  Maybe he's like the horse whisperer, only for goats?  Or maybe, just maybe, Arnold has finally just lost it completely.

While we continue to look at this photo with a 'what the hell...' look on our faces, we'll think about the good times we have had with Arnold.  'Predator', 'Conan', the Terminator franchise.  He doesn't kiss any goats in those, right?  Let's re-watch.