It’s Time for Saratoga Beer Week
If you're a fan of water, yeast, malt and hops all mixed together and enjoy festivals, then don't miss the inaugural Saratoga Beer Week, Thursday February 23rd thru Saturday February 25th at the City Center and various locations throughout Saratoga Springs.   Over 80 breweries wi…
Albany Underage Alcohol Sting Arrests 19
Three 20 year olds were sent out to multiple stores to see who would sell them alcohol. The sting included Albany, Guilderland and Cohoes. YNN reports that this totaled for 19 arrests in which each received 2 misdemeanors.
The Dangers Of Energy Drinks And Alcohol
From time to time the topic of energy drinks being detrimental comes up. And if they’re dangerous by themselves, then common sense would tell us that they would most certainly be even more risky when mixed with some booze. If you’re curious, then tonight you have an o…

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