If you were an Olympic athlete, you probably don't eat fast food all that often. So after the big payoff of winning in your event, a celebration is due. So what did Ricky Berens do? He gorged himself on Big Macs.

After Ricky Berens won the 4x200 relay in London earlier this week, he decided that a gold medal needed a gold medal meal. So what better than some golden arches? Him and his USA teammate Conor Dwyer decided to hit up McDonalds in the Olympic village.

So did they just have a cheeseburger and fries? Maybe an apple pie for dessert? No way, Ricky went to town. According to Yahoo, he had two quarter pounders, a big mac, two orders of french fries, and finished up with a McFlurry. So how many calories is that? 3,330. That's nearly 1,000 more than you're suppose to eat in a whole day, and he did it in one sitting.

Berens deserves a second gold medal for being able to eat all that food and not blow chunks afterward. Bravo sir, bravo.