Saturday May 21st 6pm came and went, we are still here.  Was it a hoax or another failed prophecy?  Are you relieved or dissappointed?  What will happen to Harold Camping and his many followers?   Where does this rank with the other failed doomsday predictions and what's next? Over $3 million dollars was spent on this Doomsday message.  Many of Harold Camping followers dropped out of schools, quit their jobs, left their family members, used all their savings in order to join in the caravan fleets that traveled the U.S.

Is it a waste or will Harold Camping come out of hiding with a UPDATE or new calculation. Do you remember other failed doomsday predictions and where would this one rank?

Haley's Comet 1910 -

None of us were alive when Haley's Comet last was near the Earth.  But back in 1910 Earth was to have traveled through the dust of the comet.  People said the earth would be bathed in toxic gas.

Pat Robertson 1980

He startled and alarmed many as he said he knew when the world would end. He told his 700 club that it would definately end before 1982 was over.

Nostradamus August 1999.

His writings based on interpretations have intrigued people around the world for over 400 years.  In his writings he stated the end of the world was the year 1999, seventh month / From the sky will come great king of terror. - many assumed this was Armageddon.

Y2K January 2000

As the century came to a close many assumed that computers would cause doomsday.
It was thought that computers wouldnt be able to tell the difference between 2000 and 1900. No one really knew what would happen from nuclear holocause to lost power.  Actually the new year came with minor glitches.

Whats next? Gear up for the end of the Mayan Calendar - December 12th 2012? It will be wild. Social media and pop culture sure had a lot of fun with this one.