After another failed rapture, and then a bit of a reschedule it seems that either bad luck or the hand of God has stricken Harold Camping.

89 year old Harold Camping has had quite the wild ride this past month.  First he gets hundreds of people to follow his ridiculous rapture campaign, that fails.  So next he retreats into hiding to avoid media scrutiny.  Now, he has suffered a stroke.

Last Thursday night, Camping was hospitalized after suffering said stroke, and neighbors say that he is okay.  His speech is very slurred though.  Some would say that this isn't to out of the ordinary being that he is so old, but I believe it may have been a little divine intervention.  This guy is using the radio to get people to believe his rapture nonsense, so maybe, just maybe the guy upstairs decided to take away his ability to do so.  I think it' s a fair assumption.  I mean, other than some slurred speech he is fine.  Hopefully this deters his craziness for a while.