According to many December 21, 2012 is supposedly the date of Armageddon.   The countdown begins today and we are one year away from the end of humanity.  The Mayan calendar marks the date as a end of an era that resets the date to zero.   Will the world as we know really end in 365 days? 

There have been plenty of doomsday predictions in the past including Harold Camping who said the world would end in May and then said he misread it to be October 21st.

Other cultures such as North Americans, Egyptians, Irish and Chinese  have also predicted the world would end on certain dates in the past.  The end of the Mayan Calendar is the one that most believe.    They predicted that a final event will occur that includes a solar shift, a venus transit and fierce earthquakes.

The Mayans long count calendar began in 3,114 BC  marking time in 394 year periods known as Baktuns.   Thirteen was a sacred number for the Mayans and the  thirteenth Baktun ends on 12/21./21.

The doomsday theories began when a Mayan Tablet was discovered in the 60's. However most scientists now discount the end of the world theory and are comparing it to the same as the Y2K scare.  The tablet just states a end of a era or a year in modern times.

Others say a planet would be hitting the Earth, scientists state that we would see the planet with the naked eye if that was the case. OThers say the Mayan calendar is off by 50-100 years.  Of course now with the internet and Hollywood, the idea of doomsday is a great story line.

We shall see.. 365 days and counting.