Who knew that an activity we use to play killing time in between classes could get you a gold medal?

The Olympics take the funnest of activities, and turn them uber competitive. Ping Pong is one of those events that is way more intense than it has to be. On the first day of the Londan games, I just so happened to tune into men's table tennis. Wow, is all I have to say.

20 year old American Timothy Wang was representing our great country, and he got crushed. His Olympic debut fell short after being dominated 4-0 by North Korean Kim Son Nam.

These guys played ping pong - sorry, table tennis - with the intensity that we see most regular tennis players play with during a major match. Not taking away from the fact that these guys could obviously kick by butt in table tennis, but seriously, how did this become an Olympic event? I guess Asians needed to be good at something other than math - too much of a stereotype?