Andrew Pointon was arrested in August 2011 after a woman reported to police of him jogging naked. Andrew was tossed in jail for 3 days and convicted of "offensive behavior" charges - That was until last week.

Mr. Pointon went before a judge to appeal the conviction stating "If it was offensive, then God wouldn't have given us genetils." The judge actually agreed and let him off the hook. Talk about a defense right?

Andrew has been a naturist, basically a PC name for nudist, for over 20 years and has had a run in with the law from time to time for his public nudity moments. Including a nude bike ride that he orginzied in New Zealand.

Now I am one for self expression but to be honest - I don't want to see some 61 year old's wrinkled junk flapping in the wind while I am taking a stroll with my lady friend through the park. Want to run nude? Crack open the window and hit the treadmill in your home.

If you think I am in the wrong for that opinion, please Google pictures of elderly nudist and let me know your thoughts - unless you are in to that sort of thing. At which point, you might want to get your head checked.