Today is the first day the Fawlty Towers in Cocoa Beach Florida is clothing optional.  After years of poor business the 32 room motel is now a destination point for vacationers to shed their clothing in favor of a new nudist resort.  10 rooms are booked for opening day and the weekends are filling up fast.  This made me think what Albany area motel would be the best to turn all nude?
The owners of the Fawlty Towers say the switch to all nude is a last ditch effort to save his business.  They hired attorney's and sought the help of the American Association of Nude Recreation, both say there is nothing on the Cocoa Beach laws that would prevent the motel's new dress code.

There are taller screens, and balcony walls to prevent any unwanted views.  The staff will also wear clothes, however the motel bartenders will be topless. There are rules  to keep the Fawlty towers as non threatening, not a place for sexual preversions or for swingers.  Sexually provocative clothing and cameras are not permitted.

Just by looking at the Fawlty Towers, one can assume the reason why business is poor.  Now people (Nudists) will have other things to look at to hopefully increase business.   In Albany New York just on Central Avenue alone there are many motels that could be in similar situations.  Take our poll.

Honorable mention goes to the Governor's Inn & Suites but that was destroyed by a fire in 2010.