My journey through the great beers from New York has brought me into the Hudson Valley's brewery, and Keegan Ales Hurrican Kitty.

Fans of flavorful IPA will love this particular brew.  With beer made right in Kingston, NY (just a quick hop down the thruway from Albany) it's some great local flavor, with a pretty cool back story.  Hurricane Kitty was named for brewer Tommy Keegan's grandmother, who use to keep local police on their toes by racing back and forth to the Long Island ferry in the summer.

According to their website, they decided to go heavy on the hops on this one so that it would be as crazy as Kitty's police record.  Gotta love the family touch.  Back to the beer itself though. It has a very warm and welcoming aroma too it.  One crack of the bottle and it's basically begging you to drink it.

As someone who isn't the biggest fan of a hop heavy beer, this one has a really nice flavor combination, so that you aren't over whelmed.  One brew that I highly recommend.  Make sure to check them out on Facebook and their website to get information on all their beers.  Cheers!