With the exception of Oktoberfest, summer time is our favorite beer season. Our summer ale obsession takes into our neighboring state of Vermont, and Otter Creek.

When you think about a good summer ale, you think of something light and flavorful. That's exactly what you're getting into when it comes to the delicious summer brew from Otter Creek. It's our beer pick for this week, and the perfect addition to your cooler this weekend.

This wheat beer, while light, is full of flavor that beer lovers will enjoy. Just because something is like, doesn't mean it's lacking, and that's the case here. It's limited, and only brewed through July, so drink up. As someone who doesn't like a brew that's too overpowering, I found Otter Creek to be very refreshing.  Easily in my top picks of summer ales.  Grab this is six packs, or by the case.  Cheers!