Thank God for the DVR and Youtube! Otherwise, I would have doubted if I actually saw Mark in his “Dirty Sanchez” like behavior. The only other time I remember having to use my DVR to watch something they wouldn’t replay from a football game was when Randy Moss did the fake moon bit at Lambeau field. Poor Mark Sanchez, not only does he somehow lose the AFC Championship even though he almost tripled Roethlisberger’s QB rating (102.2 vs 35.5) but he also gets caught picking his nose and wiping it on someone on national television. Oh man, what a day! Although I’m sure Mark isn’t proud to have been seen on tv like that, I’m glad that they caught him in a real moment and to see he’s still a big kid at heart! The only thing that could have made it any better was if Jim Nantz and Phil Simms started discussing his technique. Too bad the announcers never get to take advantage of some of the best camera work. I'll bet they were having a good laugh during the following commercial break though!