One of the greatest wide receivers in the history of the NFL has decided to hang it up after 13 seasons.  Is Randy Moss really done though?  Or is he pulling a Brett Favre?

Yesterday I heard the news in the afternoon that Randy Moss was not going to be returning to the NFL for a 14th year and he planned on retiring.  It came as a bit of a shock especially since his agent Joel Segal was saying that Randy was is "beast like" shape this off season and he was ready to get back to ways of old Randy Moss.

That all came to a halt yesterday when he said that he was going to hang it up.  I don't buy it though.  According to ESPN's Adam Shefter, Moss did not receive the offers he was expecting.  Translated, he didn't get what he wanted.  At 34 years old, he is approaching the end of his career, but he's not done yet.  I think Moss will hold out like Brett Favre did, skip training camp and show up in time for the season.

I could be wrong though.  I think Randy wanted back in with the Patriots, but they didn't want him.  In 2009 Randy was on his game in New England catching 13 TD's and 1,200 yards.  Last year was bad though.  A very unproductive year for Moss as he went from The Pat's the the Vikings to the Titans.  I wish he could have gone out on a better note, but Randy will always be Randy. Without a doubt, a first ballot hall of famer.