Halloween came early for a certain group of kids in Nottingham, England this past Saturday. They were filled with glee at the thought of seeing the new Madagascar 3 movie, but were horrified when Paranormal Activity 4 came on instead. Oops. 

The "technical error," as the employees are calling it, was the work of Cineworld Cinema in Nottingham. Only about two minutes of the film were shown, but nearly 25 families and their children were exposed to the so-called "horrific" sights.

It was something out of a movie, literally, as the parents hurried out of the theater with their frightened kids. It doesn't seem like 120 seconds are enough to harm a child, but according to one parent it was more than enough:

They started playing the movie and I thought - this doesn't look right, [said] Natasha Lewis, who took her eight-year-old son Dylan to the screening on Saturday. It's enough to make grown men jump, so you can imagine the terror in these young faces.


It was only about two minutes worth of the film but it was enough to scar them for life.

And yes, that does probably mean that those who were in the theater for the actual viewing of PA 4 got a few minutes of the animated animal film. Well hey, look on the bright side, maybe they couldn't tell the difference.

What would you do in this situation?