It's a Saturday night, the wind is howling, shadows are long, and its one week before Halloween.  A perfect night to close the curtains, grab some popcorn and watch those scary movies that raise the hair on your back. As a fan of horror movies, I put together a few suggestions of movies that will definitely make you squirm, sweat, scream, jump and get your bones rattling.



#5 - Night Of the Living Dead

A classic as a group of kids trapped in a farm house, with chaos and flesh eating zombies that never stop coming.  The original is the best, it was made on a cheap budget  and only one word can describe it.  Terror!

#4 - The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

I still hear Leatherface's chainsaw from the first time I watched this movie.  A group of Teens get lost on a Texas back road and encounter the most dysfunctional family of all time.  The movie is grim, mean, inhuman and filled with torture.

#3 - The Nightmare on Elm Street

The dream killer villian Freddy Kruger scared the heck out of audiences when this movie was released in 1984.   Freddy slices and dices with his razor fingers, a classic horror movie that needs to be watched every year at Halloween.


#2 - Halloween

This is the movie to dive your face into your sweethearts shoulder. John Carpenters music has helped define Halloween and is one of the best cult horror films of all time.  Michael Myers and the film will hold you in suspense.  One of the best things is the darkness as you think things will happen or not.


#1 - The Exorcist

There is reason this movie is number one - it will scare the crap out of you!!

So go ahead turn out the lights, enjoy the movies and then sleep with the light on!