Seen the movie 'Inception'?  Fan of how Leo and the crew got inside of peoples heads?  Learn how to do it yourself.

The internet is full of all kinds of awesome things.  Recipes, how to guides, every video on the planet and more pornography than you know what to do with.  It also has a handy guide on how you can plant an idea right into someones mind.

That's right, 'Inception' style.  Turns out it's way easier than they made it look in the film.  There are three easy steps involved here.  The first is use reverse psychology.   Reverse psychology can work for many things, but according to this article it's the first seed that needs to be planted.

The second step is to dance around the idea that you want to plant.  You can get the person interested and possibly even come up with the idea themselves, making them think they thought of it.  Very tricky.  Finally the third step is to undersell the actual product. If you make them think it's not sufficient, they will want to go bigger.

Read the full article here, and get ready to get inside of someones head.

[Via Lifehacker]