The biggest night in movies had some big winners and losers last night.  The Kings Speech took home the nights biggest award for best picture. 

The 2011 Oscars are in the books and over all I found them to be very entertaining.  I also enjoyed them because my pick for Best Picture and Best Actor took home the honors.  Last nights hosts, James Franco and Anne Hathaway, did a great job keeping the crowd laughing as well as most of the nights presenters.  The big awards on the night, best picture, actor,actress, supporting actress and supporting actor went primarily to the front runners in the categories, except for Melissa Leo who won supporting actress for her role in The Fighter, and then dropped a massive F bomb in her acceptance speech.  When Hathaway and Franco came back on stage after, Hathaway joked about it being new "young and hip Oscars" which I thought took the shock off the moment, so hats off to her.

One moment that I felt bad for at first was when poor Kirk Douglas, who suffered a debilitating stroke back in 1996, took the stage to present best supporting actress.  He looked to be struggling at first, but he totally won the crowd over with his humor.  It is good to see that the 94 year old actor is still playing to the crowd after all these years. Another great moment was when Auto-tune the News made an appearance setting music to The Social Network and Twilight.  These guys are exploding I can't wait to see what is next for them.  If you missed it check out the video below.

The Kings Speech, which was my pick for best picture, took home the nights top honors beating out films like True Grit, Inception, The Social Network and Toy Story 3.  Colin Firth won best actor for his role in The Kings Speech which was well deserved.  True Grit was up for 10 awards in total on the night and went home with none getting beat out in each category nominated.  I thought that Inception may sneak in for best picture but they walk away with 4 Oscars on the night.  It should have been 5, but they were robbed when it came to best score when they gave it to Trent Reznor and some other dude for The Social NetworkInception should have taken home score because the music was so important to the movie and Christopher Nolan was absolutely brilliant in how he used it with the visual effects.

Toy Story 3 was a pleasant surprise at the Oscars last night.  They were nominated for a total of 5 and took home 2 for best animated feature film and original music.  The Toy Story films have always been a favorites of mine and since they didn't start giving out the animated feature award until 2001 it was nice to see the franchise awarded accordingly.  The Social Network which received so much praise at the Golden Globes settled for just 3 Academy Awards. For a complete list of last nights winners and loser you can visit the Oscars official website.