If there is one I have learned in my 29 years of life it's that "there is no hell like a woman scorn " In Westmoreland County, PA it got a bit intense when a girl went stab happy on her boyfriend after being denied the final beer in the fridge.

It's a truly great installment to "White Trash Theater". Vanessa Robinson got extremely angry whey her boyfriend, James Gallon, tried to leave her apartment with final Colt 45. Yep, Colt 45 - don't get more white trash then that.

James made several attempts to leave with the beer that he paid for. He headed for the fridge and Vanessa went crazy. She began yelling at him saying "you're not taking the beer."

Somehow a physical altercation started from the yelling. Kicking and punching ensued, then beer was poured on the floor. That's when Vanessa grabbed a knife and stabbed James. She got a couple of good shots in too; cutting his arm, neck, back, and stomach.

James was able to take the knife away and call the cops. He received several stitched and non of the injuries were life threatening.

The question remains: Did he take her back or dump the crazy bitch?