Talk about wanting to 'suck' you in, ehh? Maybe the headline should have read 'Brazilian mama with large melons tries to feed a cow via her, large melons'- Has a nice ring to it, no?

Based on Sabrina Boing's Instagram profile, she's a DJ (one who spins records) and model who certainly flaunts what her mama, or in the this case, surgeon gave her

See, Sabrina  took it to the next level (flaunting) when she tried to have a baby cow latch on to her giant milk cans. With her photo entitled:

E nao eh q ele queria mamar mesmo ! Olha o instinto

(Tr: And he would not eh q even suck! Look instinct)

One thing can and will happen: Chick in a field, boobies hanging, mooooooooo!


I'm not sure Sabrina was successful and frankly, I don't care. For the rest of ever loving life she will be known as:

The chick who sold her soul for a few seconds of cow licking internet fame, moooo!

If this is your thing, meaning this chick, check out her Instagram profile here.