Nine year old Holly Lindley has to drink 6 pints of milk a day or she could die. Congratulations on having the most disgusting cure ever.

What an awful life young Holly Lindley will have to live because of her Glycogen Storage Disease. According to young Holly’s body is unable to convert food into energy and if she doesn’t drink 6 glasses of milk a day shoe could slip into a coma.

Sure drinking 6 glasses of milk a day would be simple if you were Breast feeding and you’re mother was Kate Upton. But the thought of chocking down the lactation from a cows inappropriate shaped faucet grosses me out. More milk you say? Please! My mouth still doesn’t have the correct amount a filmy over laying consistency as I prefer. And who doesn’t love that slushy bloated feeling that only a thick white calcium loaded liquid can bring to your belly?