It is something that we all fall victim to from time to time, the celebrity crush.  Since I saw her on the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover last year, Brooklyn Decker has been a new one of mine.

We all have our celebrity crushes.  When I was younger I use to be in love with Faith Hill.  The best thing about a celebrity crush is that it can never possibly happen.  So feel free to obsess away.  But don't get too crazy.  We don't need anyone shooting a President to get the attention of someone like Jodi Foster, btw, Jodi Foster?  Really?  Anyway, I saw the new Adam Sandler movie Just Go With It the other day and it features one of my newest celebrity crushes, Brooklyn Decker.

I have never once in my life been jealous of Andy Roddick.  Sure he is way better at tennis, but that never interested me.  He dated Mandy Moore for a while and sure she is cute but not for me.  Now the dude is married the swimsuit model Brooklyn Decker.  In Just Go With It we get to see a lot of her in skimpy little dresses, bikinis and going in and out of water in said bikinis.  Yes please.  Not only is Decker hot as hell, but she is adorable.  I think my office colleague Rachel said it best when she said that she looked like a Barbie doll.  Hell yes she does.  I guess Roddick is kind of like Ken, so match made in heaven.

I have had my fair share of celebrity crushes over the years.  For the last few it's been Anne Hathaway.  I still have a thing for her, but we're on a break right now while me and Brooklyn have some fun.  I remember loving Mariah Carey for a little bit, still do I guess, just not as much since she is married to that Nick Cannon runt.  So if you're in a relationship or not it's healthy to have a little celeb crush.  I know my girlfriend would kick me to the curb if David Boreanaz came calling.  Can you blame her?  I mean I'm devilishly handsome and all, but he's got money.