This story has proved that there are a lot of stupid people out there who have a lot of money they don’t want. Every now and again a simply idea like canned fresh air comes along that seems outrageous and simple and generates well past the profit it logically deserves.


“A business savvy student has made a staggering £12,000 by selling tins containing fresh air.

Antoine Deblay, 22, from Montcuq, south-west France has been selling his unusual product called Air de Montcuq, where the 'fresh air' of the village of Montcuq can be purchased for the equivalent of £5.”  -DM


Canned air, brilliant!

Knowing that you can think of something as silly and simple as canned mountain air and dumb dumbs will pay money for it inspires me.

I’ve had the idea to sell my dreams for a while but I never thought it would work. Each night I sleep with a Native American dream catcher above my bed and in the morning I ring it out into a bucket. I then harvest these dreams into individual-sealed containers and sell them off to people who wish to experience someone else’s dreams. Never did I think until this very moment that it would work but now I think I have a home run.