We've all been there; sitting at home in the evening or weekend, off work, when your boss calls you asking to either come in to work or do some 'off hour' project that's due the next business day.

How would you like the ability to, essentially, tell them off and hang up on them? In France, you can thanks to a new law.

Back in 1999, France passed a law that made everyone's work week 35 hours at the office/place of employment. Recently this became a point of contention as bosses were calling their employees after hours to complete task, projects, etc. So the French employers' federations and unions answered with a new binding agreement to prevent this.

The agreement forbids employers to call employees for any reason after 6 PM. Meaning that the 35 hour work week is just that, 35 hours. It also ask that employers don't make the employee feel pressured to be connected to work via their smartphone during off hours and personal time.

At this time the deal only effects roughly 250,000 employees.



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