I’m pretty sure this is pretty much the same plot as “Taken 3.” Getting drunk in one city only to wake up in another is like modern day time travel.

Nineteen-year-old Luke Harding of Manchester, England is a perfect example of this fun but expensive event. A story has been blowing up the Internet about how Luke went out for a few drinks in Manchester only to black out and wake up the next day in a bathroom in the Paris airport. A digital trail on his phone show how he bought tickets online that night. Harding had also been carrying his passport as his ID that evening which made this voyage possible.

I have had similar experiences but I don’t believe I have ever woken up in another country. Sometimes I’ll wake up in another city then the one I started drinking in and sometimes I’ll wake up shirtless in a corn field wearing ripped purple pants.

One event I recall having some adult beverages in Philadelphia and waking up the next morning on the couch in living room sleeping with a grey cat that I did not know. At first my heart was racing because of the confusing but once I visually scanned the room and recognized a pair of flip flops near the door to belong to my friend I relaxed. I knew what ever horrible mess I potentially was in was ok, because my friend was in it too. Also if we got into any serious trouble Liam Neeson would come save us.