A woman was recently busted for trying to score 1.7 million dollars from selling a rare moon rock.  Instead of cash, the woman got a heap of trouble when the customer turned out to be a NASA investigator.

The rare moon rocks are illegal to sell as they are considered national treasures. The rocks were given to the US states and 136 countries as a gift from former President Nixon.  The unidentified lady has not been charged just yet as NASA is not sure if the moon rocks are indeed from the moon.  According to Robert Jablon of the AP, "the woman could face theft charges if the rock is genuine, or fraud charges if it is not."  Jablon continues, "a lunar curator at a special lab at Johnson Space Center would carry out the testing. Among the substances the rock could contain is armalcolite, a mineral first discovered on the moon and named for Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins, who was on the Apollo 11 lunar mission crew."

Roughly 2,200 samples have been brought down to Earth between 1969-72 but  as many as 10 states and 90 countries may not be able to account for their share of the rocks according to the article.  Wonder what would have happened to George Bailey if he really gave Mary the WHOLE moon?