Is Fergie hot? Yes! Is she her face really Beautiful? I don’t know. When I see her on TV (like last night) I think she looks like Carmen Electra, and that’s beautiful and hot! But I was just looking at some other pictures of her and although her body rocks, I’m not really sure if she’s all that pretty. But her looks are not the question in this blog. What I don’t get, is how she can sing one or two lines and belt out a note that sounds absolutely fantastic and then 20 seconds later sound like some knuckle-head at the world’s worst karaoke bar. Seriously, one minute she’s great and the next she’s not even in key. It’s obvious that she has vocal talent, but I guess she just doens't have much of an ear. My bet is she has to sing one line at time when she’s in the studio. The rest of the Black Eyed Peas can’t possibly care as even on her worst day she still has more talent than all of them put together. Plus, looking at her is the only thing keeps people like me from changing the channel when their on.