Last Friday porn aficionado Jayden Jaymes was bumped from her throne by none other than Jessica Alba, thanks to your votes. Frankly, I knew it would happen. Jayden's a hot chick, but Jessica, well, she's Jessica Alba. Nuff said. 

In lieu of Ms. Jaymes being 'Dumped' I present to you: Jayden's Amazon Wish List. If you're feeling bad, you can buy her stuff.

Thanks for the memories, Jayden. See you real soon, I'm sure. And for Jessica? Well, let's just say- You'll see her again in this here Pump or Dump poll.


Tonight's Main Event:

Let's welcome New Jersey native Vida Guerra to the Pump Or Dump pub this evening. If you're unaware of Vida- who am I kidding? Everyone knows Vida :-) Her booty is straight fire and she all about sharing it with us via Twitter. Thank you, Vida

Along side Vida we welcome Katy Perry and her boobs. If I were John Mayer, lord have mercy- It would be over. With assets like Vida, but on the other end, Katy is all about showing off her boobs. Did you see the Grammy's? Boom!

Let's get it on!