I have to tell ya, Monday was a rough day. The Boston Marathon bombings were front and center. We were all clued to the tube, weren't we? When something like that happens one tends to forget about local news and focus on this major news event that's literally happening three hours away. Reel it back in for a second. 

Right around 3:40pm the Boston Marathon bombings were the last thing people on the 300 block of Central Ave were worried about. You see, the 300 block (if you aren't familiar) is a fairly busy area with schools, shops, restaurants and a ton of people roaming about. As someone who lived in that area, the last thing I would've been worried about was someone pulling out a gun and shooting people. Then again, I was a naive 20 something year old.

Google Maps Screenshot

Albany resident Angel Rivera has been charged with two counts of attempted second degree murder after shooting a 35 yr-old woman in the foot and a 23 yr-old man in the hip. Reports indicate that Rivera and the victims knew each other and that the victims injuries are not life threatening. Mr. Rivera is currently sitting in Albany County Jail without bail.


While it's a bit lengthy, here is YouTube video of Angel Rivera being arrested.