Dana White and the UFC came under fire by fans after a very anticlimactic 64 second fight between former Heavy Weight champ Cain Velasquez and new champ Junior dos Santos on Saturday night.  He has a decided it to handle it like a typical meat-head by telling people to "shut up".

Saturday night was the highly anticipated title fight between Cain Velasquez and Junior dos Santos in the big UFC debut on FOX.  This was suppose to be a really big deal for the UFC and the FOX network, but it turned into a big fail.  Now as fights go, they are totally unpredictable.  Dos Santos knocked out Velasquez in just over a minute into the first round.  It left a lot of viewers at home (such as myself) going, that's it?

So immediately people began venting their frustrations.  I blame the fact that FOX began the broadcast of the fight at 9p and had a 30 minute lead up to a 64 second fight.  A lot of the complaints were that it was 30 minutes of nothing, just back story on the fighters.  They should have shown a smaller fight before hand to give people a little something more.  Dana White handled that by basically telling the fans and critics tough shit.

For anyone to [expletive] about this fight because they didn't get to see this fight or that fight ... shut up! You should've bought tickets if you wanted to see all the fights.

White would go on to call fans "weirdos" and tell the most hardcore of fight fan that they have no right to complain.  He would also add that the mission of this particular even was to expose new fans to the world of UFC.