The drama from the take down by the F.B.I. continues. Back in January I talked about the take down of the website and who may be next. No one seems to be have been targeted yet, as most of the other sites have locked file access to the file owners, it seems less likely someone will be going down soon. But MegaUpload owner Kim Dotcom has released some interesting information in his defense. And the United States military is part of that defense, along with other agencies of the U.S. government.

According to file sharing news site TorrentFreak, the U.S. Military had over 15,000 accounts at the MegaUpload website, along side other departments like Department of Homeland Security, NASA, Members of the U.S. Senate and even the F.B.I.! This kind of puts a dent in the MPAA and RIAA's allegations that the site is just a giant pirating warehouse of files. It appears that there were legitimate users on the site sharing files. As for what those files contain, it's not known.

The EFF and MegaUpload's legal team are trying to get the files that are being held "hostage" released to their owners. Even the hosting company for the site wants to get the files off their servers, because they are loosing $9000 a day hosting these files, and no one is paying for them. And if they just delete them, that opens them up to massive legal issues. The ones who stand in the way are the MPAA and RIAA. Their only mantra is "it's piracy because we say so". This position appears to have become a new business model for the these organizations. Kind of reminds me of Gordon Gekko from the movie Wall Street. His was mantra was "greed is good". Looks like the MPAA and RIAA are taking to that like a duck to water.