Across America movie theaters are pulling the trailer for the much anticipated The Hangover II.  Why?  Warner Bros has yet to say exactly what the reasoning is.

Last week we finally got to see a full trailer for the upcoming 'Hangover II'.  It was a big hit on the internet and was paired with several movies over this past weekend.  Over the last 24 hours however theaters have been being asked to pull the trailer. was first on the scene of this story and reported on it late yesterday.  The biggest speculation is that parents are angry.

The trailer was put with the premiere of Source Code last weekend and Warner Bros began getting complaints from parents about the trailer being at a movie they were takign their kids to.  I'm sorry, but why are you taking your kids to see Source Code?  So not to stir up a group of angry frustrated housewives, Warner Bros have decided to pull the trailer from theaters.  The MPAA approved the extended trailer for all audiences, but I guess prudish parents across the nation felt that while bringing their kids to see a movie about people dying  and terrorism, they couldn't possibly have their precious children see the trailer for a movie about a few guys who had to much to drink. Oh there is also a monkey.

The trailer is harmless and I can't believe there is such a blow up about it.  Warner Bros has yet to release any kind of statement about the trailer being pulled but sources say that they are going to re-cut the trailer for re-release soon.  Take a look at the trailer for yourself and see what all the fuss was about.  Personally I don't see what the big deal is.