The zombie apocalypse continues. Two more men tried to eat people, this time in Louisiana and another in Miami. One tried to bite a cop, another eat the flesh off another man's face below the eye. Both appear to be high on drugs or bath salts.

Brandon Leon 21 was haggling customers in a Boston Market restaurant in Miami saying he wanted to eat them.  After cops put him in a police cruiser, he banged his head against the plexiglass divider and screamed, I'm going to eat you.   He also attempted to bite the hand of the cop who was treating his wounds.   Police put him in a Hannibal Lector type restraint mask.

Once in jail, he continued his zombie like attitude of growling and snarling.  His blood tests showed he was on marijuana, Xanax and a drug known as cloud 9 which can produce hallucinogenic effects similar to “bath salts”.



Over in Lousiana, 43 year old Carl Jacquneaux, showed up at his friend Tom Credeur's house upset over a domestic issue and attacked him.  After Credeur tried to fight off his attacker with wasp spray Jacquneaux bit his face.

Sheriff deputies say that Jacquneaux was definitely under the influence of some type of drugs, but will never know as no blood tests were taken at the time of booking.  Jacquneaux is held in a Lafayette Jail with $312,500 bond.

Credeur was released from the hospital and is expected to make a full recovery.

Will this madness ever end?  Haven't they seen the new PSA from Andy Samberg?