A hundred - yes, 100, pounds of marijuana plants as well as another hundred pounds of processed marijuana was seized in the town of Summit.  

The Sheriff's office was making a flyover with the National Guard, on the hunt for illegal pot plants, and the search turned up a massive amount of marijuana  in the town of Summit- two HUNDRED pounds worth.  Sheriff Tony Desmond said there is only one resident, a male who shall soon be arrested.  Not wanting to compromise the investigation, no details on the male have been released yet.

News channel 10's Amy Cutler asked the DA what kind of prison time is warranted and she reports that for 10 pounds, the sentence is between 5-15 years.

I'd imagine that this amount marijuana is worth some serious coin, but is it really worth a long prison sentence?  What goes through this guy's mind when he thinks "Man, I could make $200,000 or I could spend 50-150 years in prison." ?  How long do you think he'll spend behind bars?