Yesterday, if you used Google at all, you may have noticed that items from your Google+, were mixed in with your search results. They call it Google Search plus Your World. Twitter has come out swinging against it saying it'll give people skewed results. And I have to say, I don't like it, and I agree with them.

Twitter's general counsel Alex Macgillivray, who used to work at Google, tweeted that "Having been there, I can imagine the dissension at Google to search being warped this way." I can't blame him. I thought to myself when this came up, of how I would be able to turn this new thing off so I would get just searches from Google itself and not the people I know on Google+.

Twitter went on to slam Google for showing just the Google+ accounts of celebrities, but not their Facebook or Twitter feeds. So even if you like this new feature, you're still not getting the whole picture. I can understand what Google is trying to do. They said they want to do search but now with relationships of other people you know, as being part of the equation. Personally, I would prefer to have that service turned off and just be able to quickly find a page that has relevant info that I want. I think Google is on the wrong track here.

As soon as I can, I plan on seeing about turning that feature off. Not because I don't like the people I follow on Google+, but I just don't need to see a kitten video mixed in with my search results for classic retro computing stuff. It's hard enough to stay focused now a days, without Keyboard Cat playing me off.