Social Media sites are growing with popularity everyday. There are multiple uses to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn now. Not only can you talk to a friend, but you can market your business and even connect with employers.

I was always unsure about Twitter, but after I began exploring Social Media Networking, I felt it was time to give into Twitter. I still do not understand Twitter by any means, but I have been following bands and businesses mostly to keep updated.

I knew there were ways to search for jobs through LinkedIn, but I never knew how to utilize Twitter as a job search tool unless I browsed through certain business Twitter pages. As you may know, the searching technique I use can be time consuming and often a letdown.

Today, I came across a website TweetMyJobs. It's a really great tool to narrow down your job search through the various channels it offers, and it connects with your Twitter account. There's an Albany section and the jobs are categorized, and there's even internships too.  These job updates are tweeted for you and show up on your Twitter homepage.

I highly suggest you create a professional Twitter page to use this feature, especially if your account is constantly Tweeting about your night at the strip club or how many beers it took you to puke. I can reassure you, employers will not even consider hiring you.

Maybe if you don't have Twitter, maybe now you should reconsider if you are in search of a new job.