This ain't no ice capade but the treat we've been waiting to see return will be put on ice before you even have a chance to buy it; literally.

The company that bought Hostess will now operate with less bakeries across the country which means they will have to freeze the Twinkies before shipping them.

Wait? Aren't Twinkies supposed to survive the world's end?

That myth is not true at all. In fact, the snack cake only has a 45 day shelf life. The original Hostess Cakes had the product in stores within 48 hours of being made. Now with less bakeries, the company won't have that option.

Hostess would freeze the product before shipment from one of five bakeries. The frozen cakes would then be defrosted by the stores and put on the shelf for sale.

Will freezing the favorite treat change the flavor? The new Hostess company says "no".

The new ownership is absolutely committed to baking top-quality snack cakes and, in fact, is making major investments to ensure that Hostess products are as good, if not even better than before.

When consumers are finally able to bite into Hostess products again, they will, without question, have the same delicious experience that has given these great brands their enduring appeal.

What do you think? Will it change the flavor?