Tomorrow at this time you could be a millionaire- if you win the fourth largest lotto jackpot in history. 

The record-setting jackpot is up to $344 million and could be yours if you have that one in 175 million chance ticket.

Yes, the odds are that unpromising but hey, someone has to win it eventually, right? Obviously with any money win comes tax deductions and other financial mumbo jumbo, but even after all of that you would still walk away with at least $180 million, which is more than enough for any one person. I always enjoy seeing two or more winners, that way the wealth is shared, literally.

The biggest Mega Millions in history happened just last year (March 2012)- you probably remember the $656 million prize that saw three winners from Kansas, Illinois and Maryland. The second biggest paid out $390 million to two lucky winners in Georgia and New Jersey in March of 2007. The third biggest produced two winners in Idaho and Washington who shared a total of $380 million in January of 2011.

Of the Top 10 highest Mega Millions lotteries, only one had a winner who hailed from New York- the sixth highest which totaled $319 million in March of 2011.

For more info and things to keep in mind before you purchase your tickets, go here.

Will you be buying any lottery tickets for tomorrow's drawing?

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