Tonight will be lottery history! The Mega Millions will be the highest jackpot ever at close to $600 million. The chance of you winning is close to 175 million to one. You have a better shot at dating a supermodel or seeing the New York Mets win a World Series, but if you did win what would you do with the money? We asked Q103 listeners on our facebook page and you would be surprised at some of the comments.

Some things you could buy and still have money leftover are 239 Bugatti Veyrons - at over $2 million dollars each, they are the worlds most expensive car. 30,000 cases of Yuengling Lager, all of the advertisements in the next two NFL Super bowls, 2 million half hours at the Chicken Ranch Brothel or 2 million pounds of bacon!

So what would some fans of the Q103 Facebook page do if they won the money?

Because ONE million just isn't enough!! (for the The National Lottery 's Secret Service to stage your mysterious disappearance)

Hookers and blow for everyone!

Pay off bills, throw a party, set up my kids future, and buy a nice home for my family... Help out a few deserving others!

First, I'd shit myself...after that id play it by ear lol

Help out family & friends,donate some to cancer foundations, and buy my wife and I a house!!!

Buy my kids & I a nice log cabin in the woods with a pool & playground. New car. Couple of horses. Put $ away for kids to further their education,put $ away for my nephew,take family on a Disney vacation,pay off bills,buy my mom a house & my dad a fishing boat. Give my bro & sis some $. Lol can u tell I've thought this out A LOT. Lol

I'd buy a nice boathouse and travel the seas and keep about 20 million and donate the rest to organizations of all kinds in the united states starting with the homeless.

First, pay off debts, buy a new car, a house to get out of this tiny apt., get my parents debt free, give an equal amount to family members, donate a chunk to charity, make sure my son has college money set aside,and do a little traveling.

Brag about it to all the nay-sayers and the people that I don't like first!

Pay off all bills and get the hell out of NY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Experts say that with the amount of people playing there is more than a 90% chance their will be a winner tonight and most likely you'll be sharing it with somebody as ALL possible number combinations have been sold.

Still winning the Mega-Millions can be tough as 9 out of 10 winners have gone bankrupt, so be careful if you win - hire a lawyer and a good financial adviser.  Drawing is tonight at 11pm, somebody will have caught the fever and their life in America will change.