Granted TS Irene was pretty damaging to the whole of the east coast, but a lot of that was because we're just not prepared to deal with stuff like that.  Snow and ice storms are more the forté of Upstate NY.  Still, as bad as Irene was, we were lucky.  Check out this comparison of the devastation after Katrina hit the south six years ago.

The internet is plagued with pictures of the aftermath of Tropical Storm Irene.  In a case like that, it's only natural to start remembering other natural disasters that have hit various parts of the country.  Most recently was Hurricane Katrina, which hit Florida, Louisiana, and the Gulf of Mexico at the end of August in 2005.  It's six years later and we're still trying to recover from the tragedies that took place in the south the weeks following the disaster.

Kinda makes you think we got off a little easy up here.  That's not to diminish how scary it was at times here and elsewhere during Irene.  I found this article that compares the two storms and thought it was pretty enlightening.  Take a look here.