The good people at Tide are bringing their Loads of Hope program to Cobleskill, an area that really needs it after the devastating effects of Tropical Storm Irene put on the area.  They will be at the Walmart in Cobleskill this afternoon.

The area of Cobleskill, NY was hit very hard during the events of Tropical Storm Irene.  As a matter of fact the entire area of Schoharie County is totally devastated and it's going to take years for them to clean up and rebuild.  However, it's the little things that get people through.  Things like clean laundry.

For those of you who don't know what the Tide Loads of Hope program is, it's a mobile laundromat.  They go to disaster stricken areas with their mobile washing machines and dryers and do loads, upon loads of laundry for people who have are without power, and in some cases, without a home.  They will be in Cobleskill this afternoon at the Walmart.  We found out this via their twitter page yesterday.

So if you are looking to just do some laundry then today is the perfect situation for you.  Head to the Walmart in Cobleskill for a great opportunity with Tide and their Loads of Hope Program.