Tickets to see CLUTCH and Zakk Wylde could be hand delivered to you by our Q103 Rock Girl this Wednesday.

So Mondays are pretty much hands down the worst day of the work week but I gotta say that Wednesdays come in a close second. You know, it's mid week, the weekend is just out of reach and still days away. That's why the Q provides you with a mid week Workday Distraction!

Each Wednesday we send out our Q Rock Girl Krystal around the Capital Region to stop by your place of employment and brighten up your Wednesday a bit. She doesn't stay long but she does come bearing gifts. In the form of a killer Q prize pack that this week happens to include tickets to see Clutch, Zakkk Sabbath (that's Zakk Wylde doing an all Black Sabbath set), and KYNG at the Upstate Concert Hall on Saturday October 29th!

If you want her to show up at your job with these amazing tickets you might want to sign up for the Workday Distraction ... like NOW.