The Los Angeles Kings have won the Superbowl of hockey- the 2012 Stanley Cup with their 6-1 victory over the New Jersey Devils. The series was set at 4-2.  

The Stanley Cup finals ended tonight as the Kings won their fourth game and swiped the win away from the Devils, who put up a hell of a fight.

The last game of the season was very interesting and entertaining. There were several players with bloody noses and lips, along with a referee who got a busted face. There were a ton of penalties and player sit outs for various reasons. The Devils are my favorite and I was sad to see them lose, but they still won in a way. They came back from their embarrassing position last year and beat out the Flyers and the Rangers which is a feat on its own. They played very well tonight and throughout the whole season, but it just wasn't enough to take out the Kings, so congratulations to them on their first Stanley Cup win ever!